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Kinds of work Dicarlo does

DiCarlo Construction is one of Chicagoland's premiere sewer, water & drainage experts.  We specialize in village turnover work.  And do any kind of sewer, water or drainage project for homeowners, property owners, residential or commercial developers. Throughout Chicago's suburbs & the Chicago metropolitan area.

DiCarlo Construction provides expert water, sewer or drainage installation, repair & improvements.

DiCarlo Construction has a longstanding Chicago reputation for high quality sewer, water & drainage work. Including specialized tasks with manholes, drainage projects, storm pipes, sanitary pipes, down spouts, fire hydrants, sump pumps, retention ponds & more.  DiCarlo provides expertise implementing   water & sewer projects with precision & finesse.

Kinds of projects DiCarlo specializes in include:

- Manholes: manhole adjustment & manhole cleaning
Drain tiles & Under drains
Pipe Repair: storm & sanitary pipes
- Down Spout Connections
- Fire Hydrants, Adjusting Fire Hydrants to Grade
- Sump Pump
- Retention & Detention Ponds
- Landscaping / Settlements
- Water Services & B-boxes
- Inlet Filter Protection
- Vac Truck/ Jetter: Hydro jetting of storm & sanitary lines
- Sewer, water, & drainage projects  of any kind for  home / property owners, or residential / commercial developers